Professional Cliffjumpers Take on the “Stand By Me” Bridge

They’re at it again. The professional cliffjumpers that reside right here in Northern California have taken their talents to the bridge over Lake Britton, famous for the railroad track scene in the classic 1986 movie Stand By Me. And they even recreated the scene for effect.

Nick Coulter, the man behind the newly released Flow State – Inside the Mind of a Freestyle Cliff Jumper, posted the above video showing Coulter, Robert Wall and Travis Sims sending crazy jumps off the 75 foot bridge into Lake Britton.

We’ve been waiting for this video ever since Travis Sims posted this video to Instagram:

We also got an early glimpse of this video when Robert Wall posted his Vlog to YouTube, highlighting their trip through the Shasta-Cascade.

See the video below to see the behind the scenes footage of the jumps (video starts at 6:03):

What a cool video! Keep it up boys!

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