Rare Albino Deer Spotted Along the Trinity River

It can be a stunning sight the likes of which many people never get a chance to see. An albino deer, a bright-animal gracefully strolling through the woods, is rarely ever seen or caught on video. But a series of photos and videos shot along the Trinity River in Junction City shows they exist in Northern California.

Instagram user @donjulia7 posted images of the beautiful albino deer recently, showing a stunning sight of nature. See the animal below:

Albino deer are very rare. Scientists estimate they range from 1-in-20,000 to 1-in-500,000. Their birthing rates might be higher than that, but due to their bright fur and lack of camouflage in the wilderness, they are much more susceptible to predators. Due to their shorter lifespans than their brethren, it’s simply impossible to know the true numbers.

But this isn’t the first time an albino deer has been spotted on the Trinity River. In 2019, a similar albino deer was seen on the river, although it’s unknown if the location is the same or if it’s the same deer. Here is a video from that sighting:

Whether that’s the same albino deer or not, those are certainly once-in-a-lifetime videos. Nature is simply beautiful, isn’t it?

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