Record-Breaking Storm Leaves Over 100,000 Sacramento Residents Without Power

The vicious storm that marched its way across Northern California Sunday night, which brought large amounts of snowfall to the mountains, caused a massive power outage in Sacramento leaving over 100,000 people without power.

The outage was caused by record rainfall of 1.26 inches on Sunday and winds of up to 60 mph. At the storm’s peak around 7 PM, at least 113,000 people were without power. As of 5:49 AM on Monday, 11,709 customers remain without power.

The combination of high winds and rain knocked down power lines in multiple areas, causing the outages all over south and east Sacramento.

The outages were felt by the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, who lost power and were forced to move to their backup dispatch. While officials continued to work to restore power to lost areas Monday morning, it is unclear when service would be returned to affected areas.

The major storm also brought headaches to would-be Northern California travelers, who had to deal with treacherous high-elevation road conditions, including a nearly 70-mile closure of I-80 through the Tahoe area.

The storm is expected to sputter through Monday morning, with another storm heading towards NorCal for Tuesday evening.

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