Road Update: I-80 Closes Indefinitely Near Tahoe Due to Blizzard Conditions

The high elevation roads in Northern California continue to get covered in snow as a major storm moves through the area. Chain requirements and dangerous driving conditions are reported throughout NorCal, but it’s the roads in Tahoe that are seeing some of the worst blizzard conditions.

The storm has gotten so bad that I-80 has been closed from Colfax to the Nevada border, a 70-mile stretch. Here is the announcement from the National Weather Service:

With the storm forecasted to last through the night, the road closure may last until Monday. It’s quite a sight to see, as the snow is falling very hard on I-80:

It’s unclear if any roads will suffer a similar fate and be forced to close today. You can see all of the road cams here.

See the road conditions from all the high elevation NorCal roads below:

See the Snow-Covered Road Conditions From All Over Northern California

The first winter storm of 2019 has arrived in Northern California, and boy is it a doozy! Some summits have already recorded over a foot of snow already and up to 80 inches of snow is forecast in some high-elevation areas of NorCal.

The aftermath of this storm should be quite stunning, but as the snow currently falls the roads are very dangerous. Blizzard conditions are reported on all of the high elevation highways in NorCal, forcing chain requirements and traffic delays. Let’s go through the different Northern California roadways to see what each look like during this massive storm through Caltrans’s robust camera network:


All the highways going into Tahoe have significant snow accumulation. On Highway 50, chains are required across all high elevation areas:

There are cars backed up for a while waiting to get past the chain inspection at Twin Bridges, which is approximately 6,000 feet:

Meanwhile, over on I-80, chains are required across Donner Summit:

And the snow is falling at Crystal Springs at about 3,800 feet:

Then, going up to 6,000 feet on I-80 near Kingvale, the camera is showing whiteout conditions:

Obviously, the travel into the north and south areas of Tahoe are slow and dangerous. The snow is falling heavily.

Mt. Shasta

Going up Interstate 5 north to Mount Shasta, snow is falling as low as 1,000 feet, with images of snow seen as low as Lakehead near Shasta Lake:

Then as you get up to Dunsmuir around 2,400 feet, the snow is falling much heavier:

And as you get up to the Highway 89 intersection (road to the Mt. Shasta Ski Park) the snow is accumulating heavily:

And the views at Snowman’s Hill are nearly non-existent:

On the other side of the mountain, snow is falling as low as Weed at 3,500 feet:


Lassen Volcanic National Park was forecasted to receive up to 80 inches of snow in this storm. Unfortunately, the camera at Manzanita Lake is completely covered in snow, but the north entrance of the park shows a completely white, unplowed road:

On the north side of the park, cars are seen on the road, but they are completely covered in snow:

And just south of the park, the road near Chester is also covered:

Also, 299 near Burney looks treacherous:

What a storm! Please be safe while driving on these roads. Prepare for delays and chain controls!

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