RIVER MONSTER: 8-Foot Sturgeon Caught on the Sacramento River

We’ve been documenting the giant, ancient fish that swim in the waters of the Sacramento River for years now. Some people are skeptical. Now, we have more evidence of the giant sturgeon that live in the freshwater of Northern California.

Fisherman Andrew Phon landed a 94-inch sturgeon on the Sacramento River in Sacramento recently, boasting one of the largest fish you’ll ever see on the Sac on his Instagram:

This is just another example of giant sturgeon in the Shasta Valley, including fish that have exceeded 400 pounds on Shasta Lake.

Fishing for sturgeon is legal on the Sacramento River, but there are some restrictions. It’s legal to keep one sturgeon per day on the Sacramento River, and no more than three per year. The slot limit is 40 to 60 inches; any fish smaller or larger must be released. In fact, an illegal sturgeon fishing operation was recently busted with 9 people arrested trying to sell the fish’s caviar on the black market.

The fish was caught using eel bait. Due to the size of the fish, Phon jumped into the water to snap the photo above. Now, that’s how you catch sturgeon in NorCal. Nice Catch!

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  1. My dad caught 10 ft one 30 years ago in the river and they had to drag it home behind the boat he was so excited

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