Road Trippin’ – Boards, Beers and Bucktail Streamers in Bend, Oregon

Bend is one of the coolest towns in the country

By Chip O’Brien

For a town with 10,000 fewer people than Redding, Bend, Oregon is a lot cooler.

Now, I could be referring to its proximity to the Mt. Bachelor Ski area, home to what many consider “the best powder on earth.” Or I might be thinking that it’s home to a staggering 25 breweries. I could also be recalling that it rivals Redding as a fly-fishing Mecca. But if you were to get in my face for preferring Bend to Redding, I’d tell you I meant cooler during the summer, about 15 degrees.

It takes five hours, (279 miles via I-5 north and Hwy. 97) to drive there from Redding. Granted, it is farther away than the Bay Area, the coast or Lake Tahoe, but the drive is scenic enough and different enough to make the time go quickly. The best part about Bend is that it’s a very active city with no lack of fun things to do.

Like Redding, Bend has a river. The Deschutes River begins with Little Lava Lake south on Bend and flows mainly north for 250 miles before flowing into the Columbia River. While renowned for its spectacular fishing, the river in Bend is more of a scenic attraction, and Drake Park hosts almost non-stop concerts and activities during the warmer months.

4th of July is a terrific time to visit Bend. The best strategy is to park somewhere between downtown Bend and Drake Park on the river. The weather is typically gorgeous, nowhere near as hot as a Redding. Before the 4th of July Pet Parade, treat yourself to some Starbucks (located across the street from Starbucks and just down the street from Starbucks). Like a throwback from the 1950s, people dress their dogs, cats, horses and goats in costumes and parade them through downtown in spectacular fashion. Handfuls of candy are tossed to the throngs of kids and families camped out with folding chairs along city streets. Apparently saving the best for last, you can see the last pet well before it passes you by. It’s a Chihuahua wearing aviator goggles flying 15 feet above the street suspended by a huge bouquet of red, white and blue helium balloons.

After the Pet Parade most families walk over to Drake Park to picnic, listen to live music, watch live belly dancers or participate in the games and activities set up for the kids. With most of the kids off the downtown streets by mid-afternoon, a more mature but no less crazy crowd replaces the Pet Paraders in Bend’s “unofficial” but massively popular other 4th of July parade. Called the Freedom Ride, it’s basically several thousand mainly teens and young adults riding bikes in outlandish red, white and blue costumes as an almost spontaneous celebration of freedom. Though it is not city-sponsored and no one knows precisely who puts it together, the City of Bend has not tried to fight it because it is so hugely popular. As many as 10,000 people flood into the downtown area for the 4th of July festivities. It’s a little crazy, family friendly and terrific fun. “Freedom Ride” now has its own Facebook page.

Bend’s downtown area is a lively place with busy shops, restaurants and pubs. While NorCal is making great strides toward becoming a leading craft beer producer, Bend has been in the game a bit longer. The Bend Oregon Beer website refers to Bend as “The Center of the Craft Beer Universe.” named Bend the #1 Beer City in America in 2014 and ranked it among the Top 100 Best Places to Live in 2015. It also claimed that Bend has one of the highest concentrations of breweries in the nation on a per-capita basis.

The “Bend Ale Trail” roughly follows the Deschutes River through downtown Bend and directs “hikers” to many of the areas best breweries. Some of these local offerings might fall into the category of “experimental” beers, but nothing’s ever been gained by not trying new things. 10 Barrel Brewing won a gold medal at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival for its “Cucumber Crush.” The Liveability survey also said that Bend’s largest brewer, Deschutes Brewery, won’s 2013 top 25 beers of the year for its “Fresh Squeezed IPA.” You can also tour the Deschutes Brewery as well as several others.

With 65 miles of hiking trails within the city limits, there are some great hikes around town. Another popular summer activity is floating the river. Within the city the Deschutes is slowed down with a dam creating Mirror Pond. Floating this slow water is another popular activity, and you will see all manner of watercraft from kayaks to rubber rafts to standup paddleboards. Don’t feel like dragging your own equipment up there? No problem. You can rent whatever type of watercraft you prefer downtown.

Just south of Bend is the High Desert Museum, which is more than worth a visit. This cultural icon presents everything from local history, geology and science to art, nature and hands-on activities for the kids. It sits on 135 acres and boasts over 100,000 square feet of exhibit space.

If you like history, try visiting Bend’s Deschutes Historical Museum downtown. You can explore the local Native American history as well as what it was like for the first Europeans in the area. These are intertwined with logging history and plenty of hands-on activities for the kids.

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Unlike Mt. Shasta Ski Park, Mt. Bachelor outside of Bend has remained fully open these last several years of drought. There is of course skiing and snowboarding including runs from beginner to expert. There are several terrain parks to choose from and rentals of all sorts. There is Nordic skiing, Snowblast tubing (with it’s own terrain park) snowshoe tours, snowmobile tours and sled dog rides. It is cooler in Bend than Redding in the winter because, among other things, it is 3,000 feet higher in elevation, but when the snow starts to settle it just gets people outdoors all the more. There isn’t a month in the year where Bend residents can’t be found outdoors.

The Old Mill District is Bend’s shopping hub with more than 40 shops, art galleries, restaurants and boutiques. It’s even surrounded by miles of paved and unpaved hiking and running trails with stunning views of the areas major volcanoes. The Old Mill also features the first permanent fly-casting course of its kind in North America. Arranged something like a golf course, the casting course offers “holes” requiring curve casts, distance casts and accuracy challenges.

Like most other active, outdoor activities, Bend takes fly-fishing as seriously as Redding does. Stream anglers can fish the upper, middle and lower Deschutes River (each section distinctly different from the others), the Crooked River, the Metolius or Fall River to name a few. Anglers who prefer still water can fish East Lake, Crane Prairie Reservoir (home to the massive “Cranebows”), Wickiup Reservoir, Cultus Lake, Lava or Little Lava Lakes. Unlike Redding which is home to one of the largest fly shops in the world (The Fly Shop), Bend has several very good smaller shops ready to provide fly- fishing equipment, local expertise and guide service if desired. You probably can’t swing a dead cat in Bend without hitting a fishing guide.

In NorCal people climb Lassen Peak and Mount Shasta. In Central Oregon people climb The Three Sisters (South Sister, Middle Sister and North Sister) just west of Bend. Neither of these are quite as tall as Shasta or Lassen, but they are all around 10,000 feet which is enough elevation to get anyone’s heart pounding. South Sister competes with Washington’s Mt. St. Helens for the title of America’s most-climbed glaciated peak. Mountaineers compete each year to win the Three Sisters Marathon, a grueling endurance event where participants summit all three volcanoes in the same day.

Just north of Bend the Crooked River passes under (a long way under) Hwy. 97. Here you are fairly close to Smith Rock State Park, an internationally recognized rock-climbing destination. Any climbers worth their salt would recognize names like Monkey Face, Mesa Verde Wall and Dihedrals, all world-renowned climbs in the park. Less fanatical adventurers can hike to the top of Smith Rock on the trail without any technical experience for great views and a popular picnic destination. According to, “Smith Rock State Park is widely considered the birthplace of modern American sport climbing with literally thousands of established routes to choose from.”

Active people often choose to do their touring from the seat of their favorite bicycles. If you don’t bring your bikes on a trip to Bend, you will wish you had. Bend is not only intensely bike-friendly, but it also offers world-class mountain biking trails, but also seemingly infinite road biking opportunities against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty.

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The Three Sisters Scenic Bikeway is a network of premier road cycling routes connecting Central Oregon communities with an emphasis on scenery. With a little Internet searching, you can easily download bicycle route descriptions and maps, pretty much all you’ll need except snacks and plenty of water. The Twin Bridges Loop is a popular 36-mile bike trail beginning and ending in downtown Bend’s Drake Park. There are also bike trails all the way from Bend to Smith Rock State Park.

Active Californians can find plenty to do in Bend, Oregon, and it is an excellent candidate as the kind of place you go back to time after time. There is little danger of exhausting all the possibilities of things to do in the area, and it’s just far enough away and different enough to never get boring. The average temperature in Bend is 82 degrees in July, 80 in August and 74 in September. I said it was cooler than Redding, right?

NorCal is not the type of place people typically want to get away from, but everyone needs a change of pace once in a while. Bend has far too much going for it to ever become just a place people go to escape the tedium of their everyday lives. With all that Bend has going for it literally twelve months a year, it is a place well worth going to.

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    When you arrive in Ukraine, you’ll have to just accept that you’ll need numerous time to find the perfect locations on this country. Call her on occasion, respond to her calls. They can be understandable -she was stuck in visitors or needed to work late; not-so-comprehensible – she simply couldn’t determine if a certain pair of sneakers went with a specific dress; or simply plain ridiculous – she arrived on time, however spent 20 minutes hanging out simply around the nook so that she wouldn’t seem too clingy. You already went that far that you already know intimately learn how to please a Russian hottie and fly her to the moon and back. You already know whether it’s true or not after they declare they’ve got another boyfriend, a chronic headache, pressing issues to do, or a sudden pregnancy. Firstly, when you already know such intimate issues about her, it’s not difficult so that you can impress her with the right-chosen gifts. [url=]charmdate scam[/url] It’s no extra a secret for you what exactly she expects from a man and which second is just perfect for asking her out or for kissing her. For example, household is far more beneficial for an American or a German than for a Ukrainian or a Russian man and this factor determines the choice of the girls.

  7. Latino courting websites have taken to complete misleading their clients: fake profiles, paid chat operators pretending to be lovely coveted brides, dreadful help workforce and crazy prices. Primary Chat is a premium service and costs one credit per minute. I filed a credit card dispute as I used to be cheated out of thousands of dollars. They stole my partners id and that i proved this and compelled them to take away her pictures and profile after I filed a complaint with the higher business bureau in New York. So many faux profiles, many profiles with no pictures. It’s as if my profile from one other website I posted on was “stolen.” Meanwhile, I believe a number of the profiles seem fake, and or professional writers are posing as actual women. It’s a recurring scheme and there are only a few exceptions, i.e. severe ladies. Amolatina are ridiculously dishonest! The absolute most you may get on Amolatina is a few scorching time online. This has been a whole waste of time and money. Do not waste your money.. I used to be attempting to get a refund after trying and in search of a day but no answer. I lastly got a hold of somebody who advised me I have to ask Apple for the refund.

    I am pissed – I do have an investigator looking at it and hopefully I do get my money back? The program is a top choice for these in search of sexy Latinas. This leg’s Detour was a selection between Estátuas (Statues) or Touros (Bulls). Should you consider a Latina ladies a superb selection for a mail order bride? My advice to everyone seems to be don’t submit any cash to these scam sites [url=][/url] and keep saving your cash in an effort to go to any overseas country of your choice to meet and convey back a international lady your alternative. Your data is safe with them, and it’s protected using industry-customary protocols to maintain your profile protected from prying eyes (and information leaks). It’s hoax and deceit! In the event you simply fall for stunning however totally fake ladies it’s very easy for them to separate your out of your cash. However you’ll have to pay loads for it, and it’s a ridiculous value for such a “service”. I really fell for it, omg, super hot ladies, however one received to me, and that i determine it out, they never provide you with the way to speak with the individual you are actually falling for, they pay together with your emotions and that’s super messed up.

    If you’re itching to have that sexy foreign g/f Ukrainian dating websites, they’re more respected and you may still discover lots of genuine ladies there. These are individuals who don’t care about you, and they’re there however they don’t have any life. Save money when you are ahead so that when this Pandemic is over your able to journey. These crooks con 1000’s of males out of their exhausting-earned money making them believe in illusion. Full of ugly previous males. The fish was an inconspicuous signal which was easy to make use of as strangers meeting would draw the first crescent in the fish type in addition to other would full the image; therefore, exhibiting that they had been also Christians. Most of those courting websites are filled with scam artists especially pretending to be females or may be real trying to rip-off folks into getting monies from somebody who could be sufferer to their charm & will get ripped off.

    At the least they aren’t paid by the positioning, so most of them are real. I didn’t use this site, I was on Latin feels. No decency, totally crude, not a relationship site, Pornagraphicv site is more prefer it. I implore anybody contemplating utilizing this site that you do not. It’s the coolest platform for Latin women dating website where you possibly can connect with them by way of utilizing good phones. You’ll be able to study what it is like dating a lovely Latina girl on this website. The women are lovely and nice, however by no means want to take the following step of connecting exterior of the website. Then, these women are for you. The ladies from Spain love to receive compliments. Sure, for positive there’s nothing else that would be higher than getting on with your each day life and taking in control of your love life as well. To decide on a partner for all times is a tough task, and we try to remain your finest helper in it – for the shortest doable interval. Poverty can be a robust motivator for sizzling Venezuelan women to attempt to marry abroad. It appeared suspicious to me that lovely young ladies fell in love with me so simply.

  8. Whether you’re seeking a lasting relationship or marriage, when you’ve completed the Partnership Set of questions, obtained your suits as well as seen someone that captures your eye, then you can start interacting quickly. Phone Translation Solution: Often a letter simply will not do and you want the instantaneous get in touch with just a telephone call can offer. Following these recommendations will certainly aid you to win the heart of your possible spouse. Today, it is most renowned destinations where the site visitors can delight in tasks such as complying with the claustrophobia-inducing courses of the underground army, as well sampling meals that the below ground soldiers needed to live with years earlier. Then you can start searching accounts and also connecting with your unique a person. Whether you’re looking for a person unique or simply wish to make some brand-new friends, these sites have something for everyone. Unique glazing results were highly related to; brand-new ones were created and classic Song wares mimicked with terrific ability. Track defines as “slant-eyes, short stature, sallow skin, predictably Chinese clothing, claw-like fingertips, and long enormous line”. AsiaCharm is a dating website that supplies a web link for guys trying to find Chinese bride-to-bes. Prior to signing up for any dating site, it is essential to do your study and also ensure that the site is legit.

    Simply invest a few minutes assessing the web site’s pricing plan, guarantee there are no covert prices and also the dating will certainly cost you the quantity of cash you prepare to invest. Nevertheless, at no point ought to we take that the signs are the only element that impacts our compatibility; there are a number of other elements which we discover as we keep reading about this historic Chinese system. There are various designs, or manuscripts, in which Chinese personalities can be written, acquiring from different calligraphic and also historic models.我们现在有东风21D 、 东风26导弹 , 这是航母杀手锏 , 我们击沉它一艘航母 , 让它伤亡5000人/ Currently there are 11 attack aircraft carrier in the USA. You can create an account there as well as give a couple of information concerning yourself, e.g., your age and also location of house. Many thanks to the globalization of the Internet, every person can get in touch with these women just being in front of the computer display.

    A divorced woman will certainly locate it unsubstantiated in love once again, and other males might think twice prior to starting connections with such women. If we sink a warship, it will eliminate 5,000 individuals; if we sink two ships, we kill 10,000 people. This hole will certainly not be the deepest human-made in spite of its impressive depth. The United Nations itself does not have a placement on the procedural and lawful [url=] review[/url] values of the instance or on the challenged cases, as well as the Secretary-General revealed his hope that the proceeded appointments on a Standard procedure between ASEAN as well as China under the structure of the Statement of the Conduct of Events in the South China Sea will result in enhanced mutual understanding amongst all the parties. Journal of ASEAN Studies. Center for Strategic and International Researches. Chinese Journal of International Law. An optimum likelihood path evaluation with robust conventional mistakes was conducted for an overall of 915 people from Beijing, Shanghai, and Taiwan who got involved in the International Internet Dating Physical Violence Research Study from 2001 to 2006. Outcomes revealed that prominence and violent socialization were significantly associated with assault victimization as well as perpetration. If your girlfriend presents you to her parents, she believes you are dating seriously.

    The report lays out 4 major kinds of rip-offs they discovered on this unnamed dating website, which has even more than 10m individuals. People’s Freedom Army of China released 4 medium-range ballistic missiles from mainland China into an area of the South China Sea. British Indian nationalist Subhas Chandra Bose, INA battle against the British: Indian nationalist Subhas Chandra Bose ended up being commander-in-chief of the Indian National Military (INA). Before Queen Victoria and present British ruler Queen Elizabeth were on the imperial scene, George III was described as England’s longest-reigning emperor. Historically, OS referred just to the start of the year adjustment to 1 January from 25 March, and also some chroniclers still believe this is the most effective method. Last year he posed because exact same area with his fiancée Jennifer Lopez, but they split in March 2021 after 3 years together. Rodrigo, Jennifer. History hunter underwater Archived 2022-03-14 at the Wayback Machine, New Straits Times. December 25, 2018. Archived from the original on March 31, 2019. Recovered May 15, 2019. 现在美国有11艘航空母舰 , 我们是不是要发展12艘航母 , 才能跟美国抗衡呢 ?.

  9. He has rocketed to number one on the NYPD’s list for repeat offenders following his torrent of thefts. The 53-yr-outdated already has 15 convictions to his name, in addition to 14 failures to point out in court following his prolific crime spree. It’s important to show that you’re a gentleman by holding doorways for them, pulling out chairs for them, and using polite language. Women love men who are confident and if you possibly can present this when using online relationship web sites chances are you’ll go far. So, Asian girls are a perfect match for those men who’re uninterested in strong and emancipated American and European ladies. The topic of Asian males courting black women is usually a matter of private desire and the influence of household and friends. Belief me that you just need these useful courting ideas. Orange bartosz tz nice room and good host james tz janka was a very pleasant host with good travel ideas. So, say, if you’re on a date with an Asian lady, and she sees a nice bag and likes it, she wouldn’t thoughts at all to get it as a current. Just weeks earlier, he was cited for swiping a tip jar at a 102nd Road café that had more than $forty in it, the second time he had dedicated the same crime.

    Although crime is currently at the identical price as the same time last yr, felony assault continues be heightened at 8.5 p.c. Customers also get a selection to get a lady from their region or the identical occupation. Do not say no right away when you are presented a fish with head and expressive eyes immediately staring at you nor shake your head when your Asian woman excitedly [url=]idateasia review[/url] arms you a duck fetus satisfied that you’re going to find it irresistible. Although some Asian nations are poor, most of them aren’t. SEOUL, March 15 (Reuters) – South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol’s journey to Japan on Thursday is geared toward overcoming a long time of disputes and mistrust between the 2 international locations. Confucianism is found predominantly in Mainland China, South Korea, Taiwan and in overseas Chinese language populations. Goryeo imported Chinese authorities system and developed into their own methods. In 2012, CozyCot launched a new Malaysian forums section and a brand new Chinese language article part. This article will give attention to one of the most lovely faces in Asia, the Korean girls. If you’re a foreigner, any Thai local will gladly date you and go live with you. There are a lot of things which every single man/lady would keep in thoughts while looking for his/her genuine companion and this ekontakt Courting site positive satisfies every such want.

    Beginning with an Asian dating site free or partly free is an effective way, if you happen to believe that on-line courting can work for you. Canada Asian dating is the most fun and thrilling type of relationship you may ever get your self into. He has a big rap sheet, relationship back to 2005 for domestic violence after he allegedly threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend’s daughter. Rodney Johnson, 53, was give a slap-on-the-wrist punishment simply final week after Bragg’s workplace knocked down his felony robbery prices to a misdemeanor, in keeping with the new York Put up. Rodney Johnson, 53, was give a slap-on-the-wrist punishment simply final week after Bragg’s workplace knocked down his felony robbery charges to a misdemeanor. As of August, Harold Gooding, 53, has been busted for dozens of larceny fees – together with 4 heists in Goal. Christian Jeffers, 48, who identifies as a woman, was arrested in March 2022 on costs of assault, aggravated harassment and menacing as hate crimes, and one rely of criminal possession of a weapon stemming from a brutal assault on a 29-yr-old man that came about at the 14th Road subway station in Manhattan. Police hit him with grand larceny, burglary and criminal possession of stolen property, but the Manhattan DA reduced the charges and he was released without bail.

    Y’all are stopping my hustle’ she told police after her 97th arrest. Police had previously joked that, because of the controversial legal guidelines that only offered bail for serious offenses, Pringle had amassed ‘frequent flier miles’, in keeping with the brand new York Publish. The 49-year-old has a lengthy criminal file spanning at least 20 years and two states, and weeks earlier than the incident, he had been arrested for exposing himself exterior the Ghislaine Maxwell trial in New York. A feminine manager approached the career criminal earlier than she noticed him brandish a pocket knife. McRae has a length criminal history. In October 2022, 32-year-old David Martin was randomly focused and attacked by Lamale McRae at the Wyckoff Avenue and Myrtle Avenue subway. Martin was on his way to work at a Manhattan restaurant when he was attacked. Asian cultures are likely to prioritize schooling over work. But an intelligent conversation will certainly win her over sooner. About how to meet single Asian girls – you’ll read slightly below. Girls who want to have youngsters are, in accordance with Asian tradition, virtually obliged to marry a suitable man. If things go nicely, you guys would possibly wish to take it as much as a relationship degree.

  10. Tell us how you ‘d manage a lot of relationship situations and we’ll tell you what percent sweetheart material you are fr. I tell them exceptionally long stories about myself including individuals they have actually never met. If their beliefs or assumptions about the person or individuals they are discriminating against are proper or not, it also does not matter. Yet, there are frequently complications and dangers included. But don’t tell us if you’re single or taken right now, due to the fact that we’re about to guess your relationship status with this dating quiz. Thank them, and inform them I don’t like it. Facebook is a terrific method to fulfill people and grow your social network since of functions like this. Take Boyle’s Law, one of the gas laws that govern the method volume, temperature and pressure impact gases. As we can not manage our feelings and desires, there is definitely no method to avoid falling for an associates if that is what is suggested to be.

    People around you may error your true sensations about them if all you do is frown throughout the day. It depends on the day. I’m like a big pot of basil on a hot summertime day. While you might have looked into you and your partner’s love languages, there are a few other things that you can focus on, like how you engage with one another, how you work through the big things and how you value the little things. This is since love is an extreme emotion that makes you feel strong, even if you don’t understand that you’re susceptible and completely weak. Feel guilty about thinking about themselves in the relationship and will not reveal [url=] review[/url] any individual needs or desires. Whether you’ve just begun a relationship or you’ve been in a relationship for several years (or someplace in between), you might be thinking about how you in fact feel for your significant other.

    Somewhere in the middle would be nice. My crush’s good friends ARE my buddy group. I read my crush’s body movement and attempt to discuss topics I understand they’re interested in. If you’re still questioning how in love you are, respond to these questions, and we’ll let you understand. You know what? I might use a glass of water. Or is being a sweetheart sort of a big flex for you? Relationships take a great deal of work, and remaining in love is an entire new level of work that many are not utilized to. It’s time to put everybody in your DMs on checked out so you can take this quiz if so! We hope you’re not allergic to drama, since this test is going to be serving spicy emojis, clingy partners, social networks stalking and ghosting. This is the quiz for you if you’re thirsty to discover out the truth. Yes, however they didn’t discover. Yes, but it was a group date. Yes, there is no question.

    Yes, we get into arguments a lot. Find out your prospect’s top priorities: You can save yourself a lot of lost time and effort by merely knowing how crucial your item and its advantages are to your prospect. Using a CRM system to manage customer relationships can bring many benefits to a company. Gadamer’s (1960) 3rd kind of human relationship has benefits for both sides. They are very intelligent and kind. No, we attempt to be kind to each other. No, we’re total opposites. No, however we might. Sometimes rituals and prayer techniques might likewise enter the photo, not to point out celebrations and events. Sometimes the show’s scenarios– or the characters’ response to them– discover as extremely amazing. Bear in mind that avoidance is more suitable to cure and simply what much better method of doing this than by speaking with an expert. For instance, let’s define a roles technique on our User model. Still unsure? Bait the hook.

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