Satellite Video Shows Mount Shasta Poking its Head Over Wildfire Smoke

Driving through Mount Shasta right now is rather eery. The mountain that can be seen for nearly a hundred miles on a clear day has now disappeared behind a thick haze of smoke from multiple wildfires in Northern California. Now, with the help of the NOAA satellites, we can see the mountain poking its head above the smoke at 14,179 feet.

The NOAA posted a gif of the mountain recently, showing how it hovers above the unhealthy smoke on the valley below:

More than a million acres have burned throughout NorCal already this fire season, putting much of the region from Lake Tahoe to the Oregon border in thick smoke. Meanwhile, in those rare moments when you can see Mount Shasta, it’s missing its typical snow coverage for this time of year:

The impact of this year’s drought are being felt on many different levels, from low water levels to historic wildfires. Let’s start rain dancing.

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