Video Shows Firefighters Riding Up Kirkwood Chairlift to Fight the Caldor Fire

Residents of the Lake Tahoe Basin are on edge as the Caldor Fire continues its dangerous approach to some of the beloved areas of the Sierra. The fire is getting closer to both Kirkwood Mountain Resort and Sierra-at-Tahoe, two popular ski resorts located west of the lake.

Now, a webcam video (above) shows firefighters taking chair 10 up Kirkwood to fight the flames. The video is a shocking revelation to the odd tactics needed for such a unprecedented wildfire season in Northern California.

Due to heat mapping, we have an idea of how close the fire is getting the the ski resorts, but we’re not exactly sure what wildfire officials are currently doing to protect the millions of dollars of equipment and housing at each resort. The homes surrounding the resorts are closed, as is the surrounding national forest, as the flames keep moving in that direction:

Let’s hope that firefighters can help contain this fire away from our beloved Tahoe basin and the wonderful people who live in the area.

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