Say What?! Redding Area Forecast to See Snow This Week

With the massive snowstorm set to slam Northern California this week, many people are preparing to avoid the mountain areas. But the snowy weather could even make its way down to the valley floor.

The first storm, set to hit Tuesday through Thursday, is much colder than initially expected. With temperatures dropping as low as 28 degrees in Redding on Wednesday, it’s possible the city could see a small accumulation of snow. In fact, CalTrans is forecasting the snowfall could fall all the way down to the valley floor. See the graph below:

So that’s certainly something to note, but as the second storm comes through the area on Saturday and Sunday, Redding and the surrounding towns are actually forecast to see snow!

See the forecasts below, and note the snowfall forecast on Sunday:

The last time the Redding area received snow was February 2019, when it completely shut down the city on its way to accumulating 14 inches over 24 hours. It was the largest 24-hour accumulation of snow in the city in over 50 years:

Of course, these storms will match with the massive snowfall that’s forecast to hit the NorCal mountains this week, with 3 feet of snow set to slam the mountains through Thursday and even more on the way this weekend.

Who knows how significant this coming storm will be, but I think it’s safe to say – WINTER IS HERE!

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