Shasta Dam Opens its Top Level Water Outflows for the First Time in 7 Years

In response to the Northern California skies unleashing torrents of rain, Shasta Dam has opened its top-level water outflows for the first time since 2017, creating a spectacular flow into the Sacramento River.

Shasta Lake is experiencing a significant rise in water levels, with an increase of nearly 27 feet at the Shasta Dam since the beginning of 2024. With the dam now holding water at an impressive 87% of its full capacity, the water release out of the dam aligns with the stringent flood control regulations set by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Sacramento to manage the surging influx.

Starting Thursday, the flow from Keswick Dam into the Sacramento River surged from 25,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 30,000 cfs, with plans to ramp up even further to 35,000 cfs. This increase in water release is a spectacle not seen in years, promising to alter the river’s landscape and flow dynamics significantly.

For residents and outdoor enthusiasts alike, this means the Sacramento River will be brimming, displaying increased water levels and flows. Those eager to witness the power of nature or engage in riverside activities are urged to exercise extreme caution. With the river’s conditions evolving, staying informed and heeding any safety advisories becomes paramount.

Local authorities remind everyone to respect the power of the water, prioritize safety, and enjoy the beauty of the river from a safe distance.

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