Shooting Stunning Landscape Photography at NorCal Landmarks

We all like to hike to NorCal’s great destinations to take in their beauty, but isn’t it better if we also have visual proof? Learning how to take stunning landscape photography is a great skill when you adventure around NorCal and we love to see a great photographer at work. But sometimes you need someone from outside the area to teach us a little thing or two.

Enter Lewis Carlyle and Sun Gallery Photography. Lewis spends his days traveling around the country and snapping landscape photography that will blow your mind. So we were excited to see that he took his talents to NorCal where he visited Mt. Shasta, Castle Crags, Burney Falls, Mossbrae Falls and even a secret waterfall location. Check out his adventure in this video:

Wasn’t that awesome? He visited NorCal when our waterfalls had VERY heavy flows and managed to grab some awesome photography. The best part was he documented everything through stunning videography.

Our favorite part was that he spent the day stacking rocks in front of Mossbrae Falls to land this picture:

“If you are both stubborn and stupid enough to spend the entire day knee deep in freezing glacier water, you might just be able to build something memorable for the camera.”

A big thanks to Lewis for taking us on your journey! You can see all of the photos he snapped from his adventure here.

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