Short Film Celebrates the World’s Highest Elevation Composting Toilet Atop Mount Shasta

With the many people visiting the high elevation areas of Mount Shasta each year, various organizations go to great lengths to assure the mountain stays clean. One of the biggest problems with leaving no trace on the mountain is going to the bathroom, which all visitors have to do at some point. Enter the highest elevation composting toilet in the world.

A brand-new short film, Way to Go!, celebrates the toilet sitting at 7,900 feet and the many people who maintain it throughout the year. Here is a description of the film from the filmmakers:

If you’ve ever hiked in the woods, you probably know the rule, “Leave no trace.” “Way to Go” tells the story of Mt. Shasta’s sun-powered composting toilet and the local volunteers who maintain it, keeping poop invisible and sweet at 7,900 feet. Shot on location, “Way to Go” brings whimsy to an environmental threat we don’t like to think about: human waste.

Way to Go! has been making waves at film festivals this year as it was selected as the winner of the Best Southern Short Film Award at the 2020 Klamath Independent Film Festival. The film’s director, Kathy Roselli, was awarded an enormous wooden composting toilet trophy created by the Southern Cascade Woodcrafters Guild for her efforts.

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