Yosemite National Park Welcomes Back Visitors After Temporary Closure

After a brief hiatus due to severe weather conditions, Yosemite National Park has once again opened its gates to the public. The popular park was forced to close on February 29, as a blizzard loomed over the state, threatening to inundate Badger Pass with over 7 feet of snow.

The park, known for its stunning natural beauty, issued a closure announcement via Instagram, stating, “Yosemite National Park will be closed starting tonight at midnight due to a major winter storm. The park will remain closed at least through Sunday at noon (possibly later).” Visitors were urged to exit the park promptly to avoid the incoming storm’s impact.

The primary concern leading to the closure was the high risk of avalanches due to the expected heavy snowfall. However, by Sunday, the National Park Service was able to provide some good news, announcing a partial reopening of Yosemite to eager visitors. Access was restored via Highway 41/Wawona Road and Highway 140/El Portal Road, with further plans to reopen Big Oak Flat Road, Badger Pass Road and ski area, and Hetch Hetchy Road, weather permitting.

After reopening Sunday afternoon, visitors were greeted with snowy scenes throughout the park:

For those adventurous enough to camp in the winter wonderland that Yosemite becomes under a blanket of snow, Wawona Campground, Camp 4, and Upper Pines Campground have also reopened. However, visitors should be prepared for winter driving conditions, including the possible requirement of tire chains to navigate the snowy roads safely.

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