Siskiyou County Fire Grows to 1,000 Acres, Forcing Mandatory Evacuations

The Head Fire, situated south of Siskiyou County’s Hamburg community, ignited around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, prompting urgent evacuation orders in the region.

Raging within the Klamath National Forest, the wildfire has rapidly consumed more than 1,000 acres of land. The blaze’s swift expansion has resulted in road closures along Highway 96 and Scott River Road.

Here are the current evacuations from the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office:

Evacuation Order (Mandatory Evacuation)

  • Zone SIS -1236 (south of Hamburg) 
  • Zone SIS -1120 (East of Horse Creek Road)
  • Zone SIS-1117 (South of California Highway-96)
  • Zone SIS -1007 (North of California Highway-96)
  • Zone SIS – 1233 (South Forest Route 46n64)

Evacuation Warning (Be Ready to Evacuate)

  • Zone SIS-1236 (south of Hamburg) 
  • Zone SIS-1120 (East of Horse Creek Road)
  • Zone SIS-1117 (South of California Highway-96)
  • Zone SIS-1007 (North of California Highway-96)
  • Zone SIS-1233 (South Forest Route 46n64)
  • Zone SIS-1010 (North of Highway 96)
  • Zone SIS-1123 (South of Highway 96)
  • Zone SIS-3502 (North of Hi-You Gulch Road, Mcadam Creek Road)
  • Zone SIS-2007 (North of Fort Jones Road)
  • Zone SIS-2004 (North of Scott River Road)
  • Zone SIS-2001 (South of Scott River Road, Scott Bar Mountain Lookout Road)
  • Zone SIS-1233 (South of Forest Route 44n04)
  • Zone SIS-1230-A (North of Elk Creek Road)
  • Zone SIS-1230-B (South of Cougar Creek)
  • Zone SIS-1114 (North of Grider Ridger, China Grade Road)
  • Zone SIS-1004 (North of Highway 96)
  • Zone SIS-???? (South Forest Route 45n19)
  • Zone SIS-???? (West of Wrights Lake Road)

For those affected by the wildfire, refuge can be sought at the Kahtishraam Wellness Center located at 1403 Kahtishraam in Yreka. Queries regarding the shelter can be directed to 530-340-3539.

This inferno is part of a series of wildfires flaring across the northernmost regions of California, with some sparked by lightning strikes. The necessity of road closures and evacuation orders shows the urgency of the situation as firefighters and officials work diligently to contain these blazes.

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