Snow is Beginning to Fall on Lassen – Closing the Park’s Highway

A dusting of snow on Mt. Diller. Photo: National Park Service

The first storm of the season has arrived in Northern California, with select dustings throughout the Sierra. This is fantastic news for the area which needs precipitation for many different reasons, but it comes with a caveat – some of our favorite outdoor destinations might begin to close.

Lassen Volcanic National Park saw its first snow of the season on Friday, forcing officials to close the Lassen National Park Highway. The closure is temporary and is expected to be lifted following the conclusion of the storm after Sunday, but it will halt many of the outdoor activities in the park through the weekend.

Hiking trails at the northwest and southwest entrances are still available, with Warner Valley, Juniper Lake and Butte Lake roads remaining open for hiking trail access.

Does this mean the days are limited in Lassen for the sunny outdoor season? Perhaps. The National Park is known to receive large amounts of snow during winter and typically closes much of its road access throughout those months. But the park will need to receive a lot more snow for the roads to close, so get out to the area while you still can!

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