Snowy Conditions Bring Chain Controls to the Tahoe Area

With the rare May storm that is currently hitting Northern California with unseasonable snow in the mountains, winter driving conditions are prevalent all over the Sierra Nevada.

With snowy driving conditions, CalTrans has placed chain controls over the summits of Highway 50 and I-80 near Lake Tahoe. Highway 50 chain controls are in place from Twin Bridges to Meyers and I-80 has chain controls from Nyack to Donner Lake.

With the storm hovering over the area, the roads look treacherous. Here’s a look at the conditions on both of the popular roadways as of 7 am on Tuesday:

Chain controls at Donner Lake
Icy roads at Castle Peak
Winter driving conditions over Donner Summit
Chain controls at Twin Bridges

Highway 50 at Echo Summit
Chain controls at Meyers

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