Social Distancing in San Francisco’s Dolores Park Includes Weird White Circles

San Francisco’s Dolores Park can be one of the most beautiful places to spend a summer afternoon in Northern California. When the weather is nice, droves of city-folk flock to the park to enjoy the sunshine and practice their favorite outdoor activity.

While the city prepares for Phase 2 of Covid reopening, a day social distancing at the park could include some weird, white circles.

San Francisco park officials painted “social distancing circles” in parks around the city to remind people not to get too close to each other in the park. The circles make the beautiful park look like a scene inspired from Minnie Mouse’s dress:

Each circle sits 6-feet in diameter, allowing people in the park to easily reference them a they recreate. While some think it’s a fun reminder and guideline to stay safe during this difficult time, others think it’s an unnecessary step and ruins the beauty of the park.

What do you think of the weird, white circles in Dolores Park?

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