Bald Eagle Rescued from Interstate 5 in Redding has Died

It was an uplifting story of a group of officials who rushed to the scene on Interstate 5 in Redding to rescue a bald eagle that had landed on the freeway. They carefully corralled the eagle and brought him to a specialist to be treated, but the eagle died while at the facility. Secondary poisoning is suspected reason for its death.

The eagle, which had been dubbed “Knight” after being found by Knighton Road, was displaying symptoms of poisoning from the get-go. The eagle was being cared for by Marily Woodhouse, who sent this note to Friends of the Redding Eagles:

“I’m very sorry to say that Knight, the eagle who was found on I-5 yesterday, died about 10:30 today. His breathing had become very labored, and he hemorrhaged a large amount of blood from his mouth and died quickly between the times i checked on him. His symptoms were consistent with rodenticide poisoning which he would have gotten secondhand from eating a rodent that had been poisoned with a poison that makes the rodent bleed out internally, which it seems Knight did also. Please, to anyone who wants to get rid of rodents, use something other than POISON.”

Secondary poisoning occurs when the bald eagle preys on an animal that has ingested some sort of poison, typically pesticides from farmers.

It’s a sad ending for the eagle who became beloved after its dramatic rescue this week. RIP Knight.

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