South Lake Tahoe PD: Stay Home. Now is Not the Time to Decide to Go Ski.

A large series of storms has arrived in the Tahoe Basin, creating traffic issues with chain controls and full road closures. For Tahoe law enforcement, that means extra work for a limited staff during Christmas. That’s why the South Lake Tahoe Police Department has a message for the public: STAY HOME.

The South Lake Tahoe PD posted on social media on Christmas Eve to ask the public to stay home while they deal with serious traffic issues and a smaller staff. With the storm dumping multiple feet of snow on the mountains, skiers and snowboarders are creating a mess trying to get to ski resorts.

“Stay home if you can,” said South Lake Tahoe PD on Instagram. “Now is not the time to decide to go ski.”

They continued by emphasizing small staffs for public officials, including snow plowers, tow trucks and first responders. They have had major issues responding to more than 50 accidents on Christmas Eve alone.

“Today, our staffing consists of THREE COPS, 1 SERGEANT, AND 2 COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICERS,” continued the post on IG. “With this staffing we are unable to close roads. In fact, when we have attempted to close roads all the cones and road signs have been either stolen or thrown to the side of the road. We are not closing roads for no reason. Please stop, you’re getting people hurt.”

“Public Works are doing their best to provide sanding and plowing services to all of these affected neighborhoods. However, many resources cannot reach the roads due to illegal parkers and stalled/stuck vehicles.”

There you have it folks. Today is a day for enjoying the Christmastime with friends and family. Due everyone a favor and just enjoy the Holidays at home this year.

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