Squaw Valley Surpasses Record February Snowfall Just Halfway Through the Month

The snowfall has been non-stop in the Sierra Nevada this month, with many resorts on the north side of Tahoe seeing nearly 200 inches of snow in just the first two weeks of February.

The snow has fallen so hard, in fact, that Squaw Valley has seen a record number of snowfall at the resort for February. And it’s only February 16.

The previous record of snowfall for the month of February at Squaw Valley was 196 inches. That was surpassed during last night’s storm and pushed the snow totals for February to 205 inches.

The last six weeks have significantly increased the season’s snowfall numbers as well. To date, the resort has received 462 inches this season, which is a foot over its yearly average. All the snow they get for the rest of the season is just icing on the cake.

While the road closures have made it almost impossible to visit the ski resort during February, for those that made the journey, they experienced some epic powder. Let’s take a look at some amazing powder runs in February:

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