Storm Forecast: 10-Straight Days of Snow, 200 Inches to NorCal Mountains

Mammoth Mountain

After a crazy weekend of storms bringing up to 11 feet of snow on the Sierra Nevada mountains, an extended forecast is showing this could be a ongoing trend. In fact, forecasts show that multiple storms could hit Northern California continuously for the next 10 days.

It looks like we’re about to get FebruBURIED.

The forecast models for later next week are still developing, but it’s clear the precipitation will come into NorCal on Friday afternoon and last for nearly two weeks. It will be a non-stop bombardment that will increase an already healthy snowpack and bring reservoirs much needed water.

The southern Sierra Nevada has benefitted the most from the recent storms and the upcoming forecast looks intense for Mammoth Mountain, who received 132 inches in just 3 days this week. Forecasters are hypothesizing they could 200+ inches in February:

This month could see similar monthly totals to that of the Miracle March of 2018, with the storm coming in heavily this week. Up to four feet of snow is expected to hit the Sierra Nevada and Lassen Park in the next few day, with Shasta receiving up to 18 inches.

Driving in high elevation areas will be brutal all weekend, with chain controls and possibly road closures in the mountains. This past week, popular areas of Highway 50 and Interstate 80 both closed due to whiteout conditions.

Up to 3 inches of rain will hit the valley, and with continued rain forecast for next week, flooding could be an issue for certain areas, especially those that saw wildfires in 2018.

It’s going to be an interesting week! While we welcome any precipitation for water storage, snowpack levels and a dampening of the landscape before fire season. But, as we’ve seen in years past, this large amount of rain and snow in such a short period of time could prove problematic.

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