Stuck Inside? The Monterey Bay Aquarium is Live Streaming its Exhibits For All To See!

Photo: Monterey Bay Aquarium

As many Northern California residents sit in their homes in self quarantine due to the Coronavirus, getting stir crazy is a legitimate concern. For those of us that love nature and the great outdoors, it’s difficult to spend our days sitting inside.

But if you want to enjoy a fun tour through the Monterey Bay Aquarium, one of the premier aquariums in the country, you can see many of their fantastic exhibits live online! Let’s take a live tour through each of the 10 exhibits. Yes, these are currently live (check the live stream times):

Shark Cam (Live 7am to 7pm)

Sea Otter Cam (Live 7am to 7pm)

Penguin Cam (Live 7am to 5pm)

Open Sea Cam (Live 7am to 7pm)

Moon Jelly Cam (Live 7am to 7pm)

Monterey Bay Cam (Live 24 Hours)

Kelp Forest Cam (Live 7am to 7pm)

Jelly Cam (Live 7am to 6pm)

Coral Reef Cam (live 9:30am to 5pm)

Aviary Cam (Live 7am to 7pm)

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