Stunning Lenticular Cloud Dazzles Onlookers at Mount Shasta

As the winter storms began rolling through Northern California, the typical alien clouds also began moving over Mount Shasta. It brought a dazzling show to any onlookers this week.

Shasta is home to some of the most beautiful and fascinating cloud movements on the planet. The mountain is known to create lenticular clouds, which slowly move over the top of the peak and could potentially stay there for days on end. With the clouds looking like alien spaceships, legends of aliens living in the active volcano swirl around constantly.

Anyone lucky enough to be in close vicinity of the mountain this week received one of its spectacular lenticular cloud shows. The cloud stuck around for hours and was able to be photographed by locals and visitors alike, showing the insane beauty of the mountain.

Here are the best photos from this week’s dazzling lenticular cloud show over Shasta:

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