Surfers Use Weekend Storm to Ride 10-Foot Waves on Lake Tahoe

The winds swirled and began flowing heavily on Saturday as the massive storm that brought 4-feet of snow to the Tahoe mountains began to enter the area. During this wind-fueled bonanza, some Tahoe locals didn’t grab their skis, but rather their surfboards to ride the waves of Lake Tahoe.

With freezing air and nearly freezing water temperatures, the surfers donned full wet suites as they rode waves up to 10-feet high on the lake. The surfers took to social media to show off their day hitting the rare swells:

So gnarly! This is far from the first time surfers have hit Lake Tahoe. There’s a small community of surfers who watch wind conditions and hit the swells at 6,200 feet quite frequently.

Here is a video of someone hitting the waves on Tahoe in 2013:

If you ever try to surf Lake Tahoe, just be sure to wear a wetsuit!

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