Tahoe Bear Continues to Terrorize Local 7-Eleven on Viral TikTok Account

Bear sightings in the communities surrounding Lake Tahoe have grown at an astonishing rate in the past few years. Flocking to the area during the summer months in search of human food provided by tourists, bears have become accustomed to the Tahoe life and the benefits of living in the beautiful area. Sometimes, they can cause trouble.

An account on TikTok (fmunna83pk) documents the regular encounters with a bear (or possibly bears) at the 7-Eleven in Kings Beach. Since August, the account has posted 45 videos showing the bear around or actually entering the store. Most of the time, the bear grabs a quick treat and leaves. Sometimes, the workers put a barricade on the door and watch as the bear attempts to break in.

We reposted one the of the most popular videos to our Instagram page:

The video’s response got a lot of playful reactions. It seems as if this bear was just out for an evening stroll to get a candy bar. But when you dive deeper into the TikTok videos, you’ll see the bear is terrorizing this local 7-Eleven.

The bear has learned to open the front door and will sometimes bluff charge the employees:

@fmunna83pk Omg he is soooo cute and how he react?? Wow #amazing #bear #nature #viral #foryou ? original sound – Fanu

When the employees know he’s around, they’ll even try to lock him out of the store:

@fmunna83pk The time when he broke the mop #bear #nature #foryoupage #viral #wow ? original sound – Fanu

But there’s no stopping this bear, as he loves to stop by the store and grab some sweets:

@fmunna83pk Finally took another item….. #bear #nature #foryoupage #viral #ohno ? original sound – Fanu

In fact, his love for Reese’s has some people wanting to name him after the popular candy:

@fmunna83pk only showed you all guys that how he eat the Reese’s #foryou #viral #bear #love #happy ? original sound – Fanu

These videos remind us of the viral Kings Beach gas station bear that was caught on camera getting into an altercation a few years ago:

That bear caused so much trouble in the area that he was moved deep into the wilderness by wildlife officials. Unfortunately, he was unable to survive in the wild after years of living off human food in Tahoe.

These videos are certainly cute, but they also illustrate the growing tensions between humans and bears in the Tahoe Basin. Some bears will even break into cars and homes, putting both themselves and the humans around them in danger. While Tahoe locals have gotten used to the bear encounters, they also understand the importance of keeping these animals wild.

To learn more about bears in the Tahoe Basin, educate yourself on the importance of Keeping Tahoe Bears Wild.

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