Tahoe Bear Destroys Car Interior After Breaking In and Getting Stuck Inside

It’s become a story all too familiar for Tahoe locals – a bear breaks into a car looking for human food and destroys the interior in the process. Although familiar, it’s still a frequent occurrence and a good lesson to learn for anyone in the Tahoe area – lock your car and don’t leave any food in it.

The Placer County Sheriff was called to the scene of a bear stuck in a car and even though they were able to safely free the bear back into the wild, the damage had been done. See for yourself:

Here is the caption from the video:


The bears are hungry and looking for food as they are getting ready for hibernation. Do not leave food in your vehicles, lock your car doors and secure your garbage in bear proof containers! This bear got into an unlocked car and couldn’t get back out. Thankfully, deputies were able to free him and send him on his way, but not before the bear had done considerable damage to the interior of the car.

We know how smart the bears of Tahoe have become and they are quite adept at breaking into cars. Check it out:

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