Tahoe Trending Towards One of the Snowiest Winters in Over 50 Years

The snow began to fall over Lake Tahoe in October and it hasn’t stopped since. December and January saw large snowfall numbers, and now the first two weeks of March looks like it will be an endless parade of storms.

So how does this winter compare to others in the Tahoe Basin? It’s trending towards one of the snowiest winter seasons in 53 years.

Open Snow compiled a graph showing the largest winter snowfall numbers since 1970 and this year is showing promise to be one of the snowiest in recent memory. The region has already seen nearly 500 inches of snow, and another 212 inches could make it the snowiest since 1970.

Here’s the graph:

As Tahoe Weather noted, we still have more than 300 inches of snow needed to break the legendary 800-inch winter of the 1952/52 season, but it shows that this winter should be mentioned with some of the snowiest on record.

The forecast for March seems like it won’t stop snowing for a while, so maybe we’ll see a record snow year in Tahoe. If not, we’ll take anything within the top 5.

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