Take an Exhilarating Winter Ride Down Heavenly Resort’s Mountain Coaster

You may not be a fan of skiing or snowboarding, but there are plenty of reasons to head up to the mountains in Northern California this winter. Many mountains have different activities like tubing, ice skating or just hanging out in the lodge. There’s one activity at Heavenly Resort in South Lake Tahoe that is an awesome ride down the mountain.

The Ridge Rider Mountain Coaster is a gravity-powered alpine coaster that gives you incredible views of the mountain and Lake Tahoe, all while feeling the crisp air against your face on this exhilarating ride. There’s room for two on the coaster and kids under 16 can ride down with an accompanying adult.

See what it’s like to experience the ride of a lifetime on Heavenly’s coaster:

You can also enjoy the mountain coaster during the summer months:

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