That’s Odd: Car Found in Chico’s Sycamore Pool

Around 6:30 am Tuesday morning, a person enjoying Chico’s beautiful Lower Bidwell Park came across an odd sight. A car was spotted parked right in the middle of the Sycamore Pool. They immediately called 911 and Chico Police are investigating the incident.

Photo/Instagram – @braden_danyus_realtor

In order to retrieve the car from the pool, the park manager for the city of Chico was called in at 7:30 am to begin draining the pool to remove the car. Witnesses claim the car was in the pool since 1 am Tuesday.

We will continue to provide updates on the incident as more information is made public.

The Sycamore Pool, located in Lower Bidwell Park’s 1-Mile, is a concrete-reinforced, man-made pool “cut” into the river. Popular to families and college students to beat the heat during the hot summer months, nowadays, it also moonlights as a parking lot.

Zach O'Brien

Zach O'Brien is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Active NorCal

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