The Best Places to See Comet Neowise Over Northern California

Photographers throughout Northern California have had to drag themselves out of bed in the early hours of the morning this month to score some epic shots of Comet Neowise. As the comet has moved across the night sky, onlookers will now be able to marvel at the celestial event in the evening, making it much easier to see the brightest comet over Earth in 23 years.

Comet Neowise has been giving astro-enthusiasts the show of a lifetime the past two weeks as it passes by Earth for the first time in 6,800 years. The comet has been easily visible in the sky since early July, and has continued to capture the hearts, minds and photos from people hoping to score a peak at the historic event. Not since Hale-Bopp in 1997 has Earth seen a comet with such vibrance in the sky.

Now is the perfect time to catch a glimpse of this historic celestial event. The comet can be seen looking northwest into the night sky, and the farther away from man-made lights will make it brighter. Binoculars are helpful to see the comet, but not necessary.

There are so many great places to get a glimpse of the comet in the outdoors of Northern California. Here are a few spots:

Lassen Volcanic National Park

The best place to see any celestial event in NorCal might be a nighttime hike to the top of Lassen Peak. But since Lassen Volcanic National Park is tucked deep into the NorCal wilderness, the lack of city lights will make this one of the best places to see the event.

Manzanita Lake and Lake Helen will surely provide some picturesque reflection photography opportunities. Also, a view of Brokeoff Mountain with the comet in the background will certainly be breathtaking. No matter where you go in the park, Lassen is known as a great place to go stargazing, and the perfect place to see Neowise.

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Lake Tahoe

If you can find a place around the lake to escape the city lights, there’s nothing like experiencing Comet Neowise over Lake Tahoe. Maybe the best place to find the night sky in Tahoe is the Emerald Bay State Park, but anywhere in the higher altitudes above the lake will give you great views.

Mount Shasta

Some of the best photographs of Neowise have come from the Mount Shasta area, since it provides the perfect backdrop for the active volcano. And anywhere in the area is great for stargazing.

As you ascend into the higher elevations, the stars and Comet Neowise will certainly seem brighter than in the valley. Great areas around the mountain include Bunny Flat, Lake Siskiyou, Castle Lake and Heart Lake. To be quite honest, anywhere near Mount Shasta City seems like a winner in this scenario.

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

We’ve documented the wonderful adventure of kayaking on Whiskeytown Lake during the full moon, and this occasion might prove to be an even better experience for a night on the water. You can always get on a boat (if you have access to one), grab a kayak or go to Brandy Creek. Another option would be to hike up to the top of Shasta Bally to have an overhead view of the comet in the night sky.

Whiskeytown is known as one of the great stargazing areas in NorCal, so it could be an easy and beautiful way to see Neowise.

Yosemite National Park

Although Yosemite can become packed with visitors during the summer, there is plenty of room to enjoy a night sky. The park still stays far away from city lights and can give you one heck of a show during the Comet Neowise show.

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Whether you’re overlooking Half Dome, hanging out near Yosemite Falls or chilling near the river, the comet will be bright anywhere in Yosemite this week.

Humboldt Coast

We all know some of the most remote places in NorCal sit along the Humboldt coast, being protected from hoards of visitors from the world-famous Redwood Curtain. Without the crowds and cityscapes, the beaches along the Pacific Ocean in NorCal are great for stargazing and seeing the comet.

Since the comet will be visible looking northwest, anywhere along the coastline will do, especially places like Trinidad Bay and Patrick’s Point.

Where do you plan to see Come Neowise this week?

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