The Bigfoot Mountain Bike Challenge is Returning to Redding!

Photo by Jaret Brantley

Redding is California’s secret mountain biking mecca, boasting a trail system over 200 miles in the area. And the best way to celebrate this biking utopia is the Bigfoot Mountain Bike Challenge set to take place from April 1st to May 31st.

Formerly known as the Mayor’s Mountain Bike Challenge, the Bigfoot Mountain Bike Challenge is a two-month-long celebration of the mountain biking in the area, allowing bikers of all experience level to win prizes while riding the local trails.

Here’s how the Bigfoot Mountain Bike Challenge works:

  • First, download your passport and choose which category you wish to compete in. As you complete each trail, you check them off your passport to document your rides!
  • Then, choose the routes you want to ride within your category and begin riding. If you’re looking for an extra challenge, you can attempt the full blackout, which will win you a free pizza from Maxwell’s Eatery and make you eligible to win the official blackout jersey!
  • Once you’ve finished your passport, you can drop it off at the Redding Convention and Visitors Bureau at 1448 Pine Street or the City of Redding Recreation at City Hall at 777 Cypress Avenue.
  • Finally, win cool prizes! The event will finish on June 5th at 7 pm at Maxwell’s Eatery and they will announce the raffle winners from the event. Prizes include MBC socks and stickers, gift certificates to local bike shops and cash prizes of up to $1,000!

This event features 18 of the best mountain biking trails on the west coast and is the perfect way for a biker of any skill to experience the wonderful trails of Redding. Check out a full list of the trails for the challenge here.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to get out of the house and get some exercise in the great outdoors of Northern California, this is the perfect event for you! For more information on the passport, trails and challenge events, go to

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