Northern California Mountains Receive Nearly 10 Feet of Snow in Just 3 Days

It’s been some really bad timing for the closure of all the ski resorts in Northern California. As the storm moved in on Friday, most ski resorts had announced their closure due to the Coronavirus. On Tuesday evening, all resorts were closed, many for the rest of the season, and nearly 10 feet of snow had fallen on the NorCal mountains.

The National Weather Service released its four-day storm results and the numbers are staggering. With the highways closed on-and-off for much of the weekend, it was clear that a lot of snow had fallen. But these numbers are just ridiculous:

While skiers and snowboarders are sitting at home in a depressed state, these numbers are still crucial to the snowpack numbers in the Sierra. Most of the snowfall hit in the western Tahoe area, with Homewood and Sierra-at-Tahoe receiving huge amounts of snow.

Here are some of the best photos/videos of the weekend storm:

Active NorCal

Telling the Stories of Northern California

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