The Gate at Mt. Shasta’s Bunny Flat Set to Close this Week

As the frosty temperatures of the winter season approach, it’s that time of the year when access to certain beloved outdoor destinations in Northern California starts to dwindle. One such location, Bunny Flat, the primary gateway to the backcountry wonders of Mount Shasta, is preparing to close its gates for the winter.

Come November 1, 2023, at approximately 8:30 a.m., the gates at Bunny Flat will be secured for the season. If you plan to visit this area, ensure your vehicle is parked below the gate before this designated time to avoid any inconveniences.

This closure marks the annual and expected shutdown of the Bunny Flat gate, a standard practice in the region. It’s a sign that winter’s grip is steadily tightening its hold on the mountain, prompting necessary precautions.

Panther Meadows campground, nestled in the shadow of the magnificent Mount Shasta, will also be shuttered for the season.

Outdoor enthusiasts need not despair. The Everitt Memorial Highway, while closing at Bunny Flat, will remain open to this access point. This means that backcountry access nf Mount Shasta remains possible all winter, depending on road closures. Check conditions with the Shasta Avalanche before making your winter trek to the mountain.

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