Rock Climbing Duo Complete’s Yosemite’s Triple Crown in Less Than 24 Hours

In an astonishing feat of endurance and skill, Miles Fullman and Tyler Karow have conquered the Yosemite Triple Crown in less than 24 hours, joining an elite group of climbers to achieve this remarkable challenge. The Yosemite Triple Crown involves a daring link-up of routes on three iconic peaks: El Capitan, Half Dome, and Mount Watkins.

Fullman and Karow’s awe-inspiring journey was completed in a mere 21 hours and 33 minutes, a testament to their climbing prowess and determination. They now join an exclusive club, becoming the eighth team to successfully tackle the Yosemite Triple Crown.

The last time this incredible challenge was reported in 2022, climbers Danford Jooste and Nick Ehman accomplished it in 21 hours and 35 minutes, showcasing the immense difficulty and physical demands of this endeavor.

The pioneering spirit of the Yosemite Triple Crown was first embodied by Alex Honnold in July 2012 when he became the inaugural climber to solo this trio of peaks in a remarkable 19 hours. Honnold’s achievement was a blend of free-soloing and using ropes in a grueling nocturnal ascent.

Miles Fullman described this feat as the “final exam for a Yosemite speed climber” and a “lifetime achievement.” It serves as the ultimate culmination of their dedication to conquering Yosemite’s towering granite walls.

Congratulations to Miles Fullman and Tyler Karow for this extraordinary accomplishment, solidifying their place in Yosemite’s climbing history with an epic day of triumph.

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