The King of “Fastest Known Times” Collides with a Deer Going 41-MPH on a Bike in Mount Shasta

Jason Hardrath’s body is used to pain. After all, he did summit 100 peaks faster than anyone ever. He also holds the most “Fastest Known Times” of anyone on the planet. But a recent bike outing in Mount Shasta brought him pummeling into a deer, and some pain he didn’t foresee at the end of a 100-mile ride.

Biking from Klamath Falls to Mt. Shasta, Hardrath just needed to descend down the Everett Memorial Highway to get to his goal of 100 miles. As he was enjoying the end of his ride, cruising at 41 MPH, a group of deer got spooked on the side of the road and ran across the road. One eventually sideswiped him, sending him to the hospital just short of his 100-mile goal – at 98.5 miles.

“Here’s to wearing helmets and being alive after a deer broadsided me during a 41mph descent, stealing my century ride from me by a mere 1.5 miles…” Hardrath wrote on Instagram. “No major injuries just missing lots of skin and deep bruising.”

Always keeping a positive attitude and sense of humor, Hardrath was delighted to find out his friend made a sticker that simply reads “98.5” to celebrate the irony of the collision happening that close to the end of the ride. What’s funny about a person like Jason, with an infinite amount of motivation and will power, is you can tell he was just bummed he didn’t make it to his goal of 100 miles. The man is a maniac in the best possible way.

To learn more about Hardrath and the incredible life he has chosen as an outdoor adventurer, you can listen to his interview on the Talking NorCal podcast here. If you really want to dive deep on his adventures, check out this awesome documentary about his chase to 100 FKTs:

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