These Mount Tamalpais Cabins Have Unbeatable Bay Area Views. Here’s How to Get a Reservation.

California State Parks has unveiled an innovative approach to securing reservations for the popular Steep Ravine Cabins at Mount Tamalpais State Park. In an effort to promote equitable access, the department has initiated a pilot program utilizing a lottery-style system.

Nestled just north of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Tamalpais State Park is a natural haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering hiking, picnicking, wildlife viewing, and camping opportunities. Perched atop the cliffs of Mount Tamalpais, the Steep Ravine Cabins have long been a beloved destination for those seeking a unique camping experience. Each cabin features a small wood stove, picnic area, sleeping platforms, and an outdoor barbecue, providing a rustic yet charming atmosphere. However, it’s important to note that these cabins do not have running water.

The reservation lottery system, launched in October of this year, aims to eliminate the rush and competitiveness often associated with traditional booking processes. It offers a fair and equitable means for individuals and families to secure cabin reservations.

Key aspects of the pilot program include:

  • Equal Opportunity: The lottery system ensures that anyone interested has an equal chance to secure a reservation, regardless of their location or prior booking history.
  • Transparency: The drawing process guarantees transparency and fairness in allocating cabins.
  • Accessible Information: Detailed instructions on participating in the drawings are available on the ReserveCalifornia website, making it easy for everyone to enter.

Close to 3,400 applicants have already registered for the drawings, reflecting the enthusiasm for this initiative. The program aligns with California State Parks’ ongoing commitment to enhancing accessibility, preserving natural resources, and fostering outdoor experiences for all.

For those interested in learning more about the reservation drawing pilot program, additional information can be found on

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