This 3-Year-Old Tahoe Kid Might be a Better Snowboarder Than You

If you’ve ever been riding at a ski resort near Lake Tahoe, you may have noticed a little shredder passing you on your way down the mountain. Well that little grom is most likely Leland the Falcon, and at just 3-years-old, he might already be a better snowboarder than you.

We’ve been following Leland on Instagram for a while now and just had to show you just how cool this little guy is. His first ride down the mountain two years ago showed just how talented he is, getting news coverage immediately.

And just over two years later, he’s already shredding the terrain park.

He’s living his best life in Lake Tahoe, shredding the mountain…

Cruising around on his bike…

And even checking out some of the bears in the area…

But his true talent is on the slopes, where he’s become a great snowboarder in just three years of living:

You gotta love watching a kid enjoy his best life in Tahoe. Keep having fun on the mountain, Leland!

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