This Carl’s Jr. Drive Thru Illustrates the Incredible Snowfall this Winter in Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes has already experienced the winter of a lifetime over the past three months. Nearby Mammoth Mountain has seen 381 inches of snowfall so far this winter, including 204 inches in January alone.

While we could show you videos of skiers slashing powder or cars buried under mounds of snow, no photo illustrates the incredible winter in Mammoth Lakes like this Carl’s Jr. drive thru:

It’s only natural that every business in a mountain town will stay open in the midst of heavy snowfall. It’s a way of life in the mountains, and closing down for snow is simply unheard of. So it only makes sense that Carl’s Jr. kept it’s drive thru open even when the snowpack towers over the menu and loud speaker.

So the question remains – would you drive thru that Carl’s Jr.

Despite the difficulties associated with receiving 200 inches of snow in a little over two weeks, locals and visitors are ecstatic to see a winter with so much snow. The Sierra snowpack is once again thriving and Mammoth businesses are seeing an influx of visitors trying to enjoy the mountain snow, when the roads are open atleast.

Cheers to the workers of this Carl’s Jr. for braving the storm and serving up some burgers!

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