This Unbelievable 3D Tour of Lake Shasta Caverns will Blow Your Mind

Want to see the inside of the Lake Shasta Caverns? This online experience will blow your mind

Lake Shasta Caverns is one of the coolest destinations Northern California has to offer. Located on the McCloud River arm of Shasta Lake, the caverns offers a unique underground experience with immense geological caverns.

If you’ve never been to the caverns before, or if you have and are looking to reminisce, there is now a website that can give you a virtual, 3D experience of the caverns.

You can check out the Shasta Caverns 3D Tour Here

First, the link will take you to an opening screen which will show you on overall virtual map of the caverns:

Then, it will shoot you into a cavern, with real-life photo imagery of the caverns and a full 360 degree view of everything in sight:

Then, you can use your mouse to explore the caverns much like you had them all to yourself. You can see all of the coolest locations inside the robust tunnel of caverns. Here are some highlights:

You can even set it up to a Virtual Reality headset to get a true 3D experience:

This has got to be one of the coolest online experiences I’ve seen in a long time. You can go through the entire set of caverns at your leisure.

Look, We can all admit that sometimes technology can get on our nerves. And while this still isn’t as cool as actually touring Shasta Caverns, it’s still pretty darn cool.

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