Throwback: Bear Casually Opens Door and Strolls into Tahoe CHP Facility

With an increase of bear activity in the Tahoe Basin, we’ve been seeing a lot of videos of bears acting especially brazen as they attempt to fatten up for the winter. That reminded us of one of the funniest bear videos you’ll ever see from a Tahoe bear.

In November 2018,  the CHP – Donner Pass unit posted a video on social media showing a bear casually standing up, opening their front door, and strolling into their Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility. It lit the internet on fire:

The officers noticed the bear and were able to scare it out of the facility before it was able to grab some of their food. Can you imagine if a human walked into a police station and tried to steal their food?!

Autumn and early-winter is the time of year when bears enter hyperphagia, a phase they go through when they seek massive amounts of calories before entering their winter dens. This inspires them to act even more brazen in their attempts to steal human food.

For more information on keeping Tahoe bears wild during this time of year, go here.

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