Thunderstorms Bring Rain, Lightning and Quarter-Sized Hail to NorCal

It was just a couple days ago that the sun was beating down on Northern California residents with triple digit heat reminiscent of late-July. Now the fickle behavior of Mother Nature is rearing its ugly head in the form of late-May thunderstorms, bringing rain, lightning strikes and massive hail to the area.

While the storm moved into parts of NorCal Friday evening, it was Saturday morning that has so far seen the brunt of the storm. The early hours saw a ton of lightning strikes:

And if that wasn’t enough to wake you from your Saturday morning slumber, some quarter-to-silver-dollar-sized hail fell around Butte and Yuba County around 5 am:

While many areas of NorCal won’t see weather this exaggerated, rain will be constant throughout the day in most areas. The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch for areas of Far NorCal, especially in areas close to the burn scars of the 2018 fires.

Buckle up, NorCal. This storm’s gonna be a doozy.

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