Trail Cam Video Shows Mountain Lion Walking Right Next to Unaware People in NorCal

A trail cam near Susanville captured a couple magnificent videos of a mountain lion recently, showing the big cat walking close to people in broad daylight seemingly without a care in the world.

The above video was shared by wildlife photographer Randy Robbins, who is known for capturing wildlife photography and creating fantastic trail cam composites. According to Robbins, the perfect video of the mountain lion was many years in the making.

“It only took 7 or 8 years of playing with trail cameras to get this image,” Robbins wrote in a social media post. “I get this guy on my cameras on my property somewhat regularly, but it’s almost always at night and it’s almost never sitting still.”

According to Robbins, the mountain lion walked right past his neighbors house in broad daylight while people were loading up into their truck. It makes you pose the question – how often does this happen?

“4 seconds in is super awesome,” Robbins wrote. “A red truck is leaving the neighbor’s property on the right side of the screen while the lion is just going about his day on the left side… they would have loaded up directly to the left of the camera location… you know that lion was watching them load up and drive away from this side of the creek. How many times have you been close to one and never knew it?”

Robbins is no stranger to capturing wildlife in Lassen County. He was recognized with the 2019 Sierra Nevada Conservancy California Wildlife Photo of the Year for his capture of a bald eagle catching a fish on Antelope Lake. He’s also gained popularity for his trail cam composites:

Composite by Randy Robbins

Nice work, Randy! Keep the great photography coming!

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