Vacaville Man Uses 36-Rack of Bud Light to Extinguish Wildfire Approaching His Home

When a wildfire comes close to your home, you’re bound to do anything to save your personal property from being destroyed by the flames. With the LNU Lightning Complex Fire approaching Chad Little’s home in Vacaville and without any power or water, he resorted to using any resources he could find to extinguish the flames – including his 36-rack of Bud Light.

The electricity and water had been turned off to Little’s home and shop, so he began trying to extinguish the impeding fire with sheet metal and a small barrel full of water. When that didn’t work, he reached for his Bud Light to hopefully save his house – and it worked.

“I got 30 pack of Bud Light in here,” Little told KRCA with a smile. “So I was just shaking it up, spraying it, throwing it down and grabbing another one.”

Little was able to extinguish the fire before the firefighters arrived, and was even able to save one last beer to enjoy after the fire was out. When asked if the beer he used to save his home was the best beer he’s ever had, Little responded “No, the best one was when I was done, and I grabbed a cold one.”

While Little was able to have a laugh at his Macguyver-like ability to extinguish the fire, others weren’t so lucky. The LNU Lightning Complex Fire has now destroyed 871 homes and killed 5 people on its way to growing to 350,030 acres, the second largest wildfire in California’s recorded history.

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