VIDEO: Brash Bear Attempts to Climb Through House Window in Eastern Sierra

A brave bear attempted to climb through a house window near Mammoth Lakes recently, with the resident of the home coming face-to-face with the animal trying to “shoo” it away (watch the video above).

Christian Pondella noticed a bear trying to get into his home from a few different areas before it ripped out his window screen and thought about entering the home. Pondella was able to scare the animal off, but was certainly frightened by the bear’s lack of fear while trying to enter the home.

“We’re used to bear encounters. I’ve seen them lots, but for him to just to walk up the stairs while I’m here on the phone and just look at me and proceed as if I’m not here was a bit shocking,” Pondella said to KMOV4.

To address any future incidents with the brash animal, Pondella said his family will be consulting with a local “bear whisperer.”

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