VIDEO: Guy Surfs Under a Pier on Lake Tahoe

Yes, you read that headline right.

It’s a local secret that during the gnarliest winter storms in Tahoe, the lake bustles up to such intensity that you can ride its waves. Snowboarders looking for a break from the mountain typically hit the water in these conditions for some rare surfing action.

While we’ve seen plenty of locals surf Lake Tahoe, there is nothing like surfing under a pier on the lake. That’s some hardcore stuff. But that’s exactly what YouTuber Casey Willax accomplished recently, and the video will blow your mind.

He posted a clip to his popular Instagram page, showing his sketchy trip under the pier:

That’s just a preview of what Casey and his friends did that day. They were also jumping off the pier into the waves and surfing inland. Check out the full day on the lake with his vlog:

Keep the stoke high, Casey!

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