Watch Fishermen Go Crazy After Catching 50-Pound Striped Bass on the Sacramento River

Fishing guide Mike Rasmussen is no stranger to landing monster striped bass on the Sacramento River. He has continuously helped his clients land these big fish reaching 50 pounds, and during a recent trip on the river, he captured the elation that is felt when landing one of these huge fish.

During a live Facebook video, the men went crazy when they landed the 51-inch, 50-pound bass (Warning: bad language is used in the video):

What a hog! Like I mentioned, this is far from the first time Rasmussen has made headlines for his giants catches. Earlier this year, he caught two 40-pound bass in an hour. He also recently caught a 230 sturgeon on the Sacramento River.

But for anyone who wants to see pure joy in a grown man’s face, look at this fishermen with his trophy bass:

Photo: Mike Rassmussen

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