WATCH: Professional Kayakers Go Full Send on McCloud Falls

It's a shocking video and one that was hard to believe until we saw it

McCloud Falls is a popular destination in Northern California and rightfully so. It’s a great place for a beautiful hike where you can see some amazing waterfalls and maybe even jump off the cliffs in the process. But recently we became aware of some maniacs that did something crazy in the area-


It’s a shocking video and one that was hard to believe until I saw it. These professional kayakers flew their kayaks off Upper and Middle McCloud Falls. The approach to Upper McCloud Falls look scary, making what appears to be a somewhat small waterfall an intense endeavor.

But the most shocking part of the video is watching these guys plummet down Middle McCloud Falls. Anyone who has been here knows that it is rocky at the bottom of these falls and the guys had to stay to the far side in order to avoid injury. Not to mention the flows had to be perfect to accomplish this feat.

Are you ready for an adrenaline rush? Here is the incredible video:

McCloud Stouts: Upper and Middle falls from David Fusilli on Vimeo.

Remember: these are professionals. DO NOT TRY THIS! You will get hurt.

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