Video: Ornery Deer Crashes into Motorcyclist in Trinity County

One would think this was just a classic "deer gets hit on the road" scenario, but there may have been more to the event.

Motorcyclist Loren Turner was riding along the beautiful Highway 3 in Trinity County when she encountered a rare exchange. It wasn’t another person on the road that displayed road rage towards her, but rather an ornery deer.

A video posted to YouTube shows a deer striking Turner’s motorcycle, sending the deer flying into the abyss. One would think this was just a classic “deer gets hit on the road” scenario, but there may have been more to the event.

Here is what Loren wrote about the altercation:

“We were on a weekend ride/camping trip. Just enjoying our local area. Stopped in Hayfork for fuel and something to eat. We ate at the Family Dairy Store, which has incredibly good sandwiches. We met a new friend there,  Wally Overturf. He is a rider as well and President of Trinity Riders, which is a Non Profit group that does toy runs and fund raisers for the community.

Wally made sure we had his phone number before we resumed our journey and it turned out we were glad he did.

You can see what happened in the video. This was just outside Hayfork where Hwy 3 starts the curvy climb and the passing lanes are.

I was not seriously hurt, neither was my bike. The deer actually came back and tried to pick a fight with Toby. Toby threw a chunk of asphalt at it, expecting it to run away, but it kept coming at him so he kicked it in the jaw. At that point the deer decided Toby was more than it wanted to deal with and it moved off back towards the hill it came flying down from. Toby chased it to keep it moving away from us. That part unfortunately I did not get on video since I was still pretty dazed by the blow to my helmet. The deer did not touch the bike, only me, it’s head impacted on my helmet and it’s forelegs kicked me in the left arm as it tried to go over me.

The Trinity Riders all came to our rescue. Wally got one of the guys to bring his truck and trailer and they picked up my bike, Toby rode it up onto the trailer, and they took it to Wally’s house. Toby parked both bikes in the yard, Wally assured him everything would be watched over and handed Toby the keys to his truck.

I had been convinced to go to the hospital for x-rays and ct scan, and the EMT decided to take me to Mercy hospital in Redding instead of the hospital in Weaverville.

I felt fine but I did have some pretty decent bruises and sore spots in places that would warrant at least an x-ray.

X-rays and Ct scan came out good, no fractures so I was discharged and told to go home and rest.

Wally and his wife Marilyn did keep us that night and the next day, they too felt I should rest. I did get back on my bike sunday evening for a short shake out ride, and we packed the bikes the next morning and headed home. All in all, it was actually a fun weekend. Homicidal deer aside, we got to meet some awesome people, joined Trinity Riders, had the best BBQ I have eaten in a while and the ride home was fun and deer free. Wally blessed our bikes before we left.”

After hearing her describe the angry deer attacking Toby, one has to wonder what got the deer so bothered. Maybe it was trying to protect its offspring and saw the motorcyclists as a threat…

Either way, we’re glad Loren escaped with just some bumps and bruises. Stay safe on the road!

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