VIDEO: Pod of Killer Whales Approaches Fishing Boat Off the Humboldt Coast

It’s typical to see plenty of marine wildlife off the Humboldt coast like sea lions, urchin and gray whales. But a group of people were able to see a rare pod of killer whales up close in the area this week as they casually swam up to a fishing boat.

People aboard a boat from Full Throttle Sport Fishing out of Eureka captured a beautiful video of the killer whales, showing the magnificent creatures swimming gracefully in the Pacific Ocean.

See the video:

The video was rare to see the killer whales, although it wasn’t the first time in the area. In 2019, a similar video was taken by Madaket Captain Cody Hills aboard the Survey boat Eaglet, showing a similar pod:

Such a cool sight! While it’s easiest to see these animals from a boat, there are similar sightings happening right now from Kayak Trinidad. Enjoy the beautiful wildlife of the Humboldt coast!

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