Watch a CalFire Airplane Destroy a Car with 9,000 Pounds of Fire Retardant

CalFire airplanes have become well known for their visually-stimulating drops of bright-red flame retardant on California fires. And while they’re great to watch videos of the drops in action, it’s hard to see just how effective the retardant can be in extinguishing devastating wildfires.

That’s why CalFire released this video showing a plane dropping 9,000 pounds of flame retardant on an old Ford Explorer, showing the sheer force of the drop along with the pin-point accuracy the planes deploy:

Not only does the video show the force of the drops, but also the danger that is posed to anyone that might be in the area of the drop, most notably firefighters.

Large tankers have become crucial for CalFire to fighting the growing number of devastating wildfires in California, but with their help comes strategy and safety precautions. The above video can show you the strategy and mitigating factors that go into an airdrop.

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